Library Land

Library Land is a SharpOrange project. It’s all about what we’ve seen, heard, experienced and learned at the hundreds of libraries we’ve visited and worked in.

Some people have asked why we work in libraries and how it fits into SharpOrange our work.

Libraries can be fantastic places to work. They usually have parking, wifi, meeting rooms, they are free to use and they’re located in virtually every community. Where ever our clients may be located, with libraries, we have an office!

How does Library Land fit into SparpOrange:

  • It illustrates how we apply curiosity, creativity, collaboration and communication to the world around us.

  • It demonstrates our capabilities as communicators and content creators.

  • It is as a recognition (and in gratitude) for making the SharpOrange approach to work possible.

  • It is a celebration of libraries as essential civic institution.

As part of Library Land, we’re planning to visit all of the libraries in our home-state of Massachusetts and as many others around the country as we can. We’re developing reviews of all the libraries are the things that matter to us (more to come), we’re writing essays about libraries and their roles in their communities, we’re writing stories about our experiences and we’re acting as advocates on behalf of libraries. Won’t you join us?


Library Land started by accident - and we didn’t realize it had even started at the time. We were driving out to Mass MoCA - me, Adam and my daughter Z - when Adam said we should see if there were any libraries along that way with free passes.

Landing in Libraries

When we started SharpOrange, we were faced with a challenge familiar to every startup: where do we work? We had choices - coffee shops, co-working spaces, our homes - but each of them had more cons than pros.

Library reviews

We hope it’s clear that we love libraries - but our love isn’t blind! We take working in libraries seriously and we take our experiences of them seriously, too. Our reviews are our honest assement of the libraries we’ve visited and worked in.