What We Think

Communications can be confusing. There are so many messages, methods, media channels and metrics. Often these things work independently, sometimes at cross purposes and occasionally even all together. Too often communications fail to play an integrating or innovative role within an organization. 

Maintaining visibility in today's chaotic media market is difficult. The value of persistent mindshare in a time of shrinking attention spans is questionable. Is there value in creating and fostering a brand story in the market? Absolutely. But more emphasis should be focused on comprehensive campaigns designed to achieve specific goals.

Imagining, managing and executing campaign-based communications is the focus of SharpOrange and we do it with a combination of curiosity, creativity, collaboration and communication.

How We Work

SharpOrange takes a campaign-based approach to communication that goes beyond traditional PR. Activities, placements and impressions are not ends in themselves, but are valued only to the extent they support clear client goals. We measure our work based on how successful we are in reaching and influencing a target audience.

We believe that curiosity, creativity, collaboration and communication are critical. We bring an insatiable curiosity to our work and love to learn what makes our clients and their marketplaces click. We are constantly imagining the best in a situation and are always looking for ways to make those ideals reality. We work across teams and organizations to integrate ideas and capabilities that can deliver results and accomplish shared goals. We are always looking for innovative ways to bring ideas and messages to market through a range of communication capabilities.

Who We Are


Adam Zand and Greg Peverill-Conti are the founding principals at SharpOrange. They have worked with agencies, companies, institutions, universities, artists and individuals. The commonality is a desire to bring smart people together and see what happens - and have fun doing it.

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